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We are Tini, 28 and Sissy, 30. We’ve been dating for two years now and we are incredibly happy together. Just happy people! 

Searching for a new adventure and being totally done with the big city Berlin and our jobs, we decided that’s it’s time to get the fuck outta here and start the journey of a lifetime. Thus, in March 2018 we brought our yet most beautiful project “Move And Wander” to life.

Having the words “Move and Wander” in mind, we are eager to travel, wander totally open and free through the world ​and through life. We want to stay active, we want to discover new places and new forms of life, different people, different cultures, we want to do sports, wherever and whenever, we want to eat good food, different food, and we just want to be free – the main point being happy, crazy and free – that’s  our way of life and our pursuit of happiness.

2019 / 2020, we plan on ungoing a six-month long Work-and-Travel stay in New Zealand. After that we still don’t want to go back home. From there we plan on going to Alaska (with a little gorgeous detour via Fiji, Hong Kong and Canada) to face the start of the 48.000km-long Pan Americana. The Pan Americana is the world’s longest street, extending across the whole north-south expansion of the American continent. To be honest: We’re not quite sure yet, whether we are brave enough to drive the whole road – from Alaska to Argentina, by car, better said, on our own.  Maybe we’ll skip some countries, maybe we’ll buy or rent a car, maybe we’ll take a bus or fly. We surely want to reach the goal of our dreams, Ushuaia in Argentina – Tierra del Fuego, El fin de Mundo or in English, the end of the world! Stay tuned on how we’ll make our way to the end of the world. We are sure – the journey is its own reward and the true destination! We cannot wait to start this incredible trip!



28 years old, a real Berliner

German, English

y un poco poco poco Espanol 

Sports Professional 

Professional basket-baller 

Tennis (Wanna Be Wimbledon) and Running (Marathon)

     As Mom used to say:

"Some can read, some can write. My daughter is good at sports." 

Beer, vodka Schwarze Dose, Berliner Luft, sparkling wine on ice... everything with a little alcoholic content 

Pasta Arrabiata,  stew, stuffed pepper


Netflix addict, movies and sleeping

I love cleaning and I especially love to annoy the h*ll outta my girlfriend.

The view of mountains and lakes makes me cry.






Hi, my name is Sissy, I am 30 years old and an only child. Nope, that’s not a freaking Nickname, my parents actually and officially applied for that. Originally I am from Bielefeld, Germany – and yes, that city does exist indeed (in German there is a funny all-known tale or rather a conspiracy, which says that Bielefeld does not exist – funny, right? Well, those Germans…). I have a pretty cool Patch-Work Family which harmonizes (or hOrmonizes) quiet well. My mantra: The main point is to be happy, a little mad and free. I moved out of my parents place when I was 19, worked as an AuPair in New Jersey for about a year, and studied Psychology in the Netherlands for about four years to become a mind-blowing Profiler one day (love to watch Criminal minds and the like). Well – that didn’t work out as planned. I have been living in Berlin for the past 5 years and work as  coach for communication. I’ve been dating the woman of my dreams for the past two years now and with her I am going to go on this amazing great trip. I am crazy in love – with her and with the world. My Dad always calls me Fievel, like the mouse from the move An American Tale. Probably because travelling and living in different places is the greatest of all feelings in the world. Today, I am 30 years old and am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. When I was 14 years old, me and my best friend wrote a 200-pages long sequel to Harry Potter with us two as the main characters. I attended my first concert when I was 20, have never been to a festival, have been playing tennis since I was 11 and I call myself a slow but very ambitious and mainly stubborn triple marathoner. In March 2019, I am going to run the Mountain to Surf Marathon in New Zealand. I cannot live without paper and pen. I love to write and I am currently writing my first book, not knowing when it will be published or whether it will be a success. I would never buy an e-reader, books are so much cooler. When I grow up, I want to own a huge shelf full of books. I love photography. To record memories, to capture moments, to make realties and ideals never end – whether it’s with my iPhone or with my beloved Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii, I love to look right through the lens. I ski since I was 3 years old, I can’t really surf (not yet though), yet I am really good at drinking wine. I do not really have a favorite kind of music, I just listen to everything – everything that’s good. I grew up with Bernese Mountain Dogs and I used to have a rabbit called Petry (yes the one from A Land Before Time). Right now I can barely keep my cactuses alive. I have about 10 tattoos, but you can’t really see them at first sight. When I was 8 years old I did ballet and the instructor told my parents that I should rather engage in some sport including balls. I once had E-guitar lessons – for about 3 months; the teacher was the only person who has ever called my musical. I love to sing and I am really sure that I am an outstanding talent yet to be discovered. My biggest travel destination is Africa. I have no favorite food, no favorite music group or singer, no favorite color. My favorite brand is Nike. I kind of love everything and everything a little bit, there is nothing I really hate and I love a life as colorful as a bag of Skittles – or M&M’s, oh I love the plain ones, the ones without nuts and nothing special in it. I love Haribo Smurfs. I am allergic to Walnuts, horses and cats. I love Sushi, eggs, cheese and tarte flambée. I also love Pizza and Pasta. I have never understood the hype for cake. I tried to be vegan for about 4 weeks. Nope – that’s not me. I have never been to Asia or Afrika, never to New Zealand or Australia (at least not yet). I have seen quiet a lot within the United States and within Europe. I am really bad at making decisions. I quit my job for this trip and I have never been more convinces of a decision.

By the way, did you know? The bumblebee ways 4.8g. It has a wing surface of 1.45cm² with a dihedral angle of 6°. Per the all known laws of aerodynamic, the bumblebee must not fly. But she doesn’t know that and does it nevertheless.

Hi, I am Tini, a real Berliner – one of the few left in this city. My real name is Kristin – with K. It’s actually a nordic male name. My second name is Julia, actually it’s my first. Hi, my name is Julia Kristin, but everybody calls me Tini. Actually, there’s nothing much to know about me. My mantra: Everything, everything – but please, not mainstream, not normal. When I was 7 years old, I had to choose between basketball, kick boxing and track and field. The men and women who looked like they were able to fly, made it easy for me to choose. I wanted to fly as well. So, I started playing Basketball. It was soon quiet clear that I have an innate talent for any kind of sport. My Mom always used to say: „Some can read, some can write, my daughter is great in sports.“. That continued throughout my life and when I turned 12 and watched the movie „Jerry McQuire“ I knew right away: I am gonna be a big sports agent one day. Well, that didn’t work out just yet, but there’s still time to make that dream come true (for job offers, please email me now). Even though it didn’t work out with me being a sports agent just yet, I did work in a ski hut for about 3 months and, yep right there, I did kiss the town’s mayor. Anyways: I went to university in Berlin to study sports management, which was great for humans like me (love to move, terrible in writing and spelling and a total idiot when it comes to technology). Here I could do anything – anything and everything from acrobatic to ultimate frisbee. Yes, I am a professional when it comes to sports. Mainly in basketball – second Bundesliga, you know. I also won the german championships in basketball, Berlin championship in basketball, handball and soccer and the State Championship in discus, shot put, track and fiel, softball and basketball back in the days when I used to live in the USA. I am also a certifed coach for aqua fitness and nordic walking... just to name a few. And as already mentioned, when I was 16 I went on a student exchange in Georgia and was, once I got back to Germany, one of the cool kids who could not remember certain words of their native language while also having gained 15 kilo. Besides wishes such as travelling around the world, running a marathon and skydiving (wishes that I already made come true), I wish for the following: To get to the first base camp of the mount everest, to do brupees on an ice floe, to walk the Camino de Santiago (just as Hape did) and to play a Tennis Tournament in the Above 50 Nationalteam in Wimbleton. My das always says „I only take water with medicine.“ – I try to stick to that. I love my friends (greetings go out there to Ireti and Lara), my big brother, my little stinky nephews and above all, Daddy Cool. My goal in life is to walk open and honest through the world, to soak up all there is, not to miss out on anything, to honor my Mom in anything there is.

All in all, I am ready for every adventure out there, to see the world with and through the eyes of my Bella. Everything, everything, but please no math.  



30 years old, from Bielefeld

living in Berlin

German, English, Dutch y un poco Espanol


Psychology, Tennis, Running, Marathons, Fitness

Red Wine & Skinny Bitch & Berliner Luft

Sushi, Eggs, Cheese, Haribo Smurfs

Writing, being creative, photography

Music - always and everywhere


Love for the mountains, the forrest and the open ocean. A house by the lakeside would be a dream come true. 


Mantra: The main point is to be happy, a little mad and free. 


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